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What is boat transport?

Boat transport services are used to transport the boats all across the country. As most of the boats are shipped to the clients by land, there are some certain specifications too, like a boat cannot be carried or hauled by land or highway if it is wider than 12’0. It almost takes 2 to 3 days to transport the boats by land depending on your delivery location. Special boat haulers are used to delivering your boat to the required destination. If you want to transport your boat, we are here to provide you with boat transport service at very affordable and economical rates.
Boat Shipping

Why choose our services?

Our experience in shipping Boat Services all across America is highly availed. From booking to loading your boat to delivering it safely to the destination, we make sure that there are no speed bumps or accidents along the way. With the market competitive rates, we ship your Yacht, Small or Large Vessel, and even your boat to its destination in time. The safest and most trusted name is Shipment Solutions Hub, we have years of professional experience in moving boat transports all around the U.S.

How your boats are delivered?

Firstly you have to book your quote to ship a boat transport by filling out our form and providing us with your vehicle information. Just after you book quote our experienced efficient staff would immediately start the possess of delivering the vehicle to the required destination. We deliver the boats or yachts through land all around the USA. There are certain specifications to ship a boat or yacht to deliver through the land:

  • It should not be wider than 12’0
  • A destination with a land of 14’0 is required
  • It should not be taller than 13’0
So if our given requirement meets with your vehicle then we will start the process and then depending on the boat or yacht size the procedure of delivering your boat will start. The maximum length trailer width for any towing boat or yacht is 2.55 and the weight should be a maximum of 3500. Our company provides the best towing accessories, that mostly the shipment companies neglect so to us as our client’s satisfaction is the main concern so we provide safe and secure delivery. And most importantly wider the boat is the more expense you have to bear. there are two ways to carry your boat throwing land which are mentioned below in detail:

  1. Towing the boat on land requires some information like:

    • Knowing the accurate weight of the boat
    • Knowing the weight of your trailer
    • Knowing the accurate load capacity of your trailer
    • Knowing the pulling capacity of your vehicle
    • Load capacity
    • Legal weight restrictions
    • Length
    • Width
    • Tires
    • Brakes and speed limits
    Our experienced staff ensures that the tow vehicles and trailer are correctly coupled. Our staff had been properly trained about the speed limits, turning points, and reversing. We prioritize our client’s choices and keep them updated with their vehicle delivery process we do make sure that the vehicle is completely safe and secure. We use our advance towing vehicles to transport the boats which are extremely safe. Heavy haulers are used to transport boats.

  2. Transporting boats through trucks we use advanced technology to transport the boats, these trucks or haulers are so secure and are usually used to carry small boats or yachts. For big boats and yachts mostly towing technique is used. But for transporting small boats or yachts we use trucks. And transporting through trucks is a fast, safe, and cheaper option. Hatches are completely secure in it. Our highly experienced drivers deliver it. They are highly trained and are efficient in transporting the boats. Till now we have transported hundreds of boats through trucks with excellent reviews.