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What is classic car transport?

Classic car transport refers to Exotic, antique, and luxurious vehicles. It’s a premium offer that makes sure that your exotic vehicle is being transported in the safest way with extra protection and care. Shiment solution provides the Classic car transport service with our highly trained staff who are highly efficient in performing their responsibilities. We are highly reliable carriers and our shipment company is one of the best car transport companies around the USA.
Classic Car

Why you should opt for Classic car transport?

If you are opting for our class car premium service then you need to know some important things.
  • These types of transport are specially designed for the owners of expensive, valuable Vehicles. As Classic and Vintage Vehicles are historical timepieces and reminiscent of the innovation of automotive engineering.
  • Whether you want to sell your vintage car or purchase a new one, it needs to be transported. Vintage, antique, and classic vehicles are not easy to transport, unlike most other vehicles. So our company is here to provide you with safe door-to-door vehicle transportation.
  • At the shipment solution hub, we provide our services all across the USA. We make it easy to ship your vintage cars safely. We make it reliable for our clients to find professional classic car transport specialists. Our car shipping company is here with completely enclosed auto transports to protect your precious vehicles.
  • Insurance will cover any damage or loss that may happen while moving your classic or vintage car.
  • Our transporters are highly experienced and trained in comparison to a regular one and you can totally rely on us.
  • The most important thing you need to know is that we make sure that our clients are satisfied so our clients are fully updated with their vehicles.


The shipment solution hub has the experience of providing safe and smooth classic car transport. Our efficient and trained staff knows how to smoothly transport the vehicles across the USA. We are highly experienced in transporting classic vehicles. And to us, our client’s satisfaction and contentment come first so we are always here to provide updates regarding your vehicles. It’s solely your choice how you want your vehicle to be transported securely at very normal rates. We also provide the insurance facility to our clients.
Classic Car

Best Auto transport for your vehicle

As classic cars are more expensive and exotic, so to transport the vehicle it’s on our client what they choose. They can either choose Open auto transport or enclosed auto service its pros and cons are given below

Open auto transport

Our open auto transport service is inexpensive compared to other companies. It is a mode of open transport. Most peoples opt for our Open transport service because of comparatively low rates, but if your vehicle is highly sensitive or delicate then this service is definitely not recommendable. You should go for the Enclosed auto transport service which provides a highly safe and secured environment for your vehicle.

Enclosed auto transport

Our enclosed auto transport service is provided for classic and sensitive vehicles, and our efficient management provides a complete environment in which your vehicle is securely transported. So if your classic car transports are sensitive or you need them to be transported in a highly secured environment then definitely we suggest you go for our enclosed transportation service. Usually, the rates of enclosed transportation carriers are 40% high than the open transportation carriers. Enclosed transport carriers are best for providing a secure environment in which you don’t have to care about the:
  • Road debris
  • Heat
  • Dust
  • Bumps
  • Or any other hurdles
So if you want to avail of our classic car transportation service then it solely depends on you whether you want to transport your vehicles through enclosed services or open service.