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What is enclosed auto transport?

Enclosed auto transport literally means closed or covered transport, which is commonly used to carry the sensitive vehicles. It is an auto transport method that mostly provide enclosed transportation of vehicles and is mostly used for vehicles that need protection and safety. It is a right choice for you if you want to prioritize your safety. It is a little bit expensive and on a side note, but it can carry a few cars at a time, mostly up to 7 vehicles or automobiles. These carriers/trucks are a good option for auto transportation if an antique or luxury vehicle needs to be transported from one destination to another, as such vehicles are more delicate.
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Why this method is commonly used?

This method is commonly used Construction sites with gravels or road debris may be a key factor for causing any damage to the car but you don’t have to worry because shipment solution hub is a reliable auto transport company and we always ensure the satisfaction of our clients and the damage can be eliminated with closed car transport trucks. So with our enclosed auto transportation services, you don’t have to worry because shipment solution hub is one of the best car companies our enclosed shipment service provides complete protection from:
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Heat
  • Hail damage
  • Or other hurdles
Because to us our client’s contentment comes first and our efficient management will make sure that our client is fully satisfied so we ensure to transport your expensive and antique vehicles anywhere without any damage and protect the investment. The shipment solution hub provides the services of enclosed auto transport with high protection and this type of shipping is best for high-end luxury cars.

Pros of enclosed auto transport:

Trouble-free shipment

Enclosed auto transport provides the highest level of security and care, our main focus is to keep our employees happy and satisfied. By choosing our enclosed auto transport you are free from any stress because it’s extremely safe and organized for sensitive vehicles. Open auto transport are not much expensive while on the contrary side, enclosed auto transport is much more expensive because it is made up and organized in such a way that all the sensitive vehicle are all safe and won’t get damaged. Time frame is an important key factor because mainly you have registered in a time period because the time limit is important to see all the tasks. Mainly closed auto transport is always considered so that any road shackles and road debris won’t damages the sensitive vehicle. So you can chose it if your car is really sensitive or there are any other hurdles in shipment the vehicle.

Professional drivers

Since enclosed shipment is highly delicate, so we provide professional training to our carrier drivers. Our drivers are highly qualified and they have a rich experience in driving carefully on the damaged roads.

Best choice for expensive cars

Enclosed auto transport is an excellent option for expensive vehicles. This option might be a little expensive but after opting this you can become more care free.


Our efferent management is always here to provide updates about the vehicle shipment to the clients. We provide the facility to Constance the driver directly so our clients are updated about every situation.

Cons of enclosed auto transport:


Enclosed auto transport is an expensive option as compared to open auto transport, as it provides 100% surety that your vehicle is all safe and in good hands. Enclosed auto transport is 40% more expensive than open auto transport.


If you want opt enclosed shipment then the only important thing you want to know is that it is a timely process and it take longer to ship your vehicles by this method. It can take days and weeks to transport. So if you want the shipment early then this option might not be suitable fot you so time frame is an important key factor in this whole process.

Should I ship my car open auto transport or enclosed auto transport?

Mostly 90% of the time open auto transport is used for the standard vehicles we can also use enclosed auto transport if the vehicle is extra sensitive or there is more road debris or any other environmental issues. It is advisable to use enclosed auto transport so that there is no chance of the vehicle getting damaged by any means like road debris or dirt and dust. Main concerns are price concerns the price of enclosed auto transport is 25 to 40% higher than the open auto transport. Enclosed auto transport is the most safest and reliable option to go for. Open auto transport is the fastest way to transport vehicles but enclosed auto transport requires much time. Enclosed auto transport is much time requiring and expensive and only 10% of the clients ask for it but vehicles safety comes first. It is wiser and advisable to use enclosed auto transport only when the vehicle is sensitive or there is much road debris, and other damages.