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What is open auto transport?

Open transport carriers, as the name suggests, are vehicles that are transported in the open, they are not covered from any side. Open auto transport is one of the most common methods of car shipping service and the most affordable of all transportation methods. It is easier and more economical to arrange among other options of car shipping because open auto transport trucks/carriers are configured to be stacked with a number of vehicles. You can often see these types of open trailer vehicle carriers on the highways making deliveries across the States. Our shipping company is one of the best leading car shipping companies in the United States. Our easy- to-book transport company services are the best option for you to transport your vehicle and to move to the final location with faster delivery and pocket-friendly rates all across the USA.
Open Auto Shipment

Why you should opt for our open auto transport service?

Comparatively Inexpensive

Open car transport is the most cost-effective method to ship vehicles across the United States. Our transporting service provides the services in which our open trailer typically carries 5-10 cars at a time, Open car shipping is safe and can easily protect vehicles from the road debris, we are also providing the enclosed car service, but this option is more popular than enclosed transport as it is the cheapest way to transport your vehicle.

Our trailer deployed for Open Transport comes in three variations. A 70-80 feet carrier is used to haul between 8-9 cars. The same carrier may also be used to transport 6-8 cars or 3-5 cars according to the needs of the customer. The service you choose should be according to the level of convenience with which you want your automobile transported. Our trailers are multi-level and plus highly energy efficient. Most importantly they’re equipped with hydraulic ramps for careful loading of cars. As customers share expenses with other customers. Our transport service is rendered inexpensive compared to other modes of transport. Statistics show that about 90% of the vehicles are carried by the mean of open auto transport. As this is the most economical option but it is also important to consider which type of service is suitable for your car. Contrary to popular belief that open transport carriers are not safe.

Efficient staff

In Shipment Solution Hub the cars shipped through open transport carriers are manufactured in a way that they are secured with advanced equipment to protect them against the vibration and road shocks, aiming to provide a safe and secure car shipment to our clients. Single car Trailers or Trucks that haul more than 10 cars at a time are used for this purpose. This Door to Door Transport is a very popular choice among car owners. To Shipment Solution Hub client satisfaction comes first and to ensure that our client is satisfied we provide customized deliveries, so the major benefit for our client is that Auto Transport can be customized according to the needs of our clients to ensure maximum safety of the automobile. Contrary to popular belief, cars shipped through these transport carriers are secured with advanced equipment to protect them against vibration and road shocks. Our team of innovative managers ensures that it’s easy to bridge the gap between the company and clients with help of speedy and engaging software. It’s just a click away to order. If you are looking for the best leading platform to book your open transport, then you have come to the right place.

Benefits of Utilizing Open Auto Transport


If you want to go for an economical and affordable option then go for open auto transport, it’s more economical than enclosed auto transport but only go for it if your vehicle is a standard automobile and not sensitive, as the safety of your vehicle comes first.


Transporting vehicles is a stressful job, but you don’t have to worry our innovative managers and workers are here to deal with it, once you have handed over the task to us then it is completely our responsibility to effectively get your job done.

Friendly Carrier

The fact, open auto transport carriers can carry almost 12 cars at once, as compared to enclosed auto transport, and most importantly open auto transport can carry the vehicles of any size, no matter it is small or large it can carry it easily so the size of the vehicle does not make any difference, the services of open car shipping are commonly easier, this makes the entire process a lot easier, especially while booking you don’t have to plan months ago to book open transport carriers. You don’t have to wait for months.


Open transport carrier is a super secured and safe option to go for, most people believe that if it is not covered then it is not safe, while there is a mechanism that secures your vehicles from making any kind of movement during transportation. Shipment solution hub company offers insurance for your vehicle but still, it is a really rare case if your vehicle got damaged then you have a backend insurance option.
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