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Looking for a car carrier near Nebraska? Just bought a new classic car? Maybe you’re trying to find a way to find the perfect first car for your new teenage driver and deliver it to Nebraska as a surprise. Maybe you have a car you want to sell and need to deliver to a new owner a few states away. Whatever the situation, we are here for you. When you work with us, you’re working with a professional automobile transportation service designed to make transportation as easy and hassle-free as possible. No hidden costs. Treat your car with the car service you expect.

Fun Facts About Nebraska

  • At first glance, Nebraska appears to be one of the quietest states on the Great Plains.
  • Lined with cornfields and other expressions of the agricultural heyday, it seems to evoke the benefits of a slower, more measured pace of life.
  • It’s vibrant in many ways, right up to the many recreational opportunities for visitors who want to do something in the state.
  • From a historical perspective, one of the interesting things about this state is the fact that the California Gold Rush caused many people to come to the state. It was considered the point of “beginning of the west”.
  • This state is right in the middle of Tornado Alley, so many Storm chasers spend the spring season chasing this mighty Storm. Large companies are also strongly represented here. Kool-Aid was developed in Hastings and CliffsNotes was developed in Rising City.
  • Financial guru Warren Buffett’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway, is based in Omaha, and TD Ameritrade is also based in Omaha. If you are visiting or moving home for work, you will need a vehicle to get around.
  • Consider Nebraska Auto Transportation Service. Having a private vehicle on site allows for comfortable, convenient and well-communicated transportation.

Important Factors

When considering booking a car transportation service in Nebraska, keep in mind a few important tips

  • Select the appropriate Nebraska vehicle shipping option to ship your vehicle. The type of delivery service required depends on the vehicle. If you have a regular car, outdoor transport services may be the cheapest option. However, if the vehicle is a custom vehicle or a fully restored one, we recommend that you consider a safer form such as Closed Car Shipping Option.
  • Most importantly remove all personal items from the vehicle. Do not leave anything of personal value in the vehicle during vehicle transit.
  • Inform the vehicle carrier that it is not, and definitely is, responsible for these effects. Everything from sunglasses cases to cosmetics to CDs must be removed before auto-shipping in Nebraska.
  • Consider a gap insurance plan. There may be a gap between what your car carrier’s insurance covers for your vehicle and what your personal insurance covers if something happens to your vehicle in transit. Consider additional policies to cover vehicle gaps in case your vehicle is damaged during motor vehicle transit in Nebraska.

Choosing The Right Carriers

Our enclosed auto transport shipping service is a great option for shipping your vintage or luxury vehicle in Nebraska. You may pay more, but the benefits of the service are numerous. For example, protection from all external elements, white glove service and transport of the car in perfect condition.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Closed car transportation services are key to keeping your classic, exotic and luxury vehicles in excellent condition. You can ship your vehicle using a hard shell or soft shell carrier. The sides of the soft-sided closed carrier are constructed of heavy canvas and can carry an average of 6 cars per load.

Open Auto Transport:

While on the contrary, choosing open auto transport is a standard option. And if your vehicles are standard then we would always suggest you to go for an open auto transport.